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Mango Szn

Day 259 (15th May)

I love mangoes. I've never been the biggest fan of mangoes, but each time I've tried a mango this summer, I've fallen in love with them. They're so sweet (but tart) and are goopy in the best way possible.

To showcase my love for the fruit, I made these mango crepe bites today. I came across the recipe for this dessert on Instagram and simply had to make it!

All you do is make a crepe and fill it with cream cheese + sugar (I didn't have any whipped cream left :o) and a piece of mango. Then, you fold the crepe into a log and freeze it for around ten minutes till it holds its shape.

My crepes were way too tiny to cut into, so I just ate the crepes as a whole. Delicious.

PS: The picture doesn't do the crepes justice. They are (as millennials would say) the

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