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Microwave Pizza

Day 235 (21st April)

This pizza is dangerous. Dangerous because you can make it in under ten minutes in a microwave, and it tastes just like normal pizza.

I followed Emma's Goodies' 1-minute microwave pizza recipe for the dough (added two teaspoons more water). I made my own sauce by combining half a tablespoon of ketchup and half a tablespoon of mayonnaise. I don't care if y'all think it's disgusting — it may be non-traditional, but it's GOOD (#hottakesnooneaskedfor).

After microwaving the dough with the sauce for 40 seconds, I added cheese on top and microwaved it for an additional 40 seconds. Make sure to add much cheese as your pizza can handle because I added way too much that it overflowed. The cheese "scraps" surprisingly tasted like a cheese slice. (Side note: Why am I just discovering how cheese slices are made?)

Also, make sure to top the pizza with your favourite seasoning!

Try this — great after-school snack. Re-fuels you for all the things you have to do in the evening :')

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