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Mini Cookies Are Better.

Day 227 (13th April)

The way the sunlight hit these cookies reminded me of the movie Tangled. I don't know why but I needed to mention that.

Recently I saw a post on Instagram about mini cookies, and I was obsessed. Like literally-been-dreaming-about-them obsessed (why am I always so honest on here?).

I decided to make my own cookies but put a classic Akshara twist to them. Side note: I'm trying to make "Akshara twist" a thing, so if you can help out, I will give you a pat.

I used the Preppy Kitchen sugar cookie recipe (I love this one — def #1 sugar cookie recipe) and adjusted the quantities a little. I 1/4th the recipe but still added a whole egg. I also added four tablespoons extra flour. Also, I melted the butter. The cookies tasted extra buttery this way?

I used the bottom of a piping tip to cut them out and, voila, best snack ever!

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