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Nolen Gur Sondesh

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Day 154 (30th January)

I absolutely LOVE Indian sweets. If you lead me to a room full of Indian sweets, beware: I may never leave. I'll be content staying in that room forever and ever. Even after I've eaten all I possibly could, I would just stare at the food and be entranced by its delicious aroma.

Yes, I realise that the paragraph comes across as a bit strange — but it does emphasise my true love for Indian sweets, so I'm letting it pass (not me saying this as if someone else wrote that paragraph).

This Nolen Gur Sondesh recipe is the EASIEST and quickest Indian dessert recipe you could ask for. It satisfies that sweet tooth of yours and comes together in less than fifteen minutes.

I used jaggery powder and paneer as the only two ingredients for this recipe. :)

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