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Nostalgia In The Form Of Shortbread Bars

Day 243 (29th April)

Yes, my brand is now taking food pictures in front of plants. No, it's not going to stop any time soon.

I made this delicious strawberry shortbread crumble bar for day 243. It tastes just like this shortbread jam bar we used to get when we were children. I'll definitely be making this again! 10/10.

I followed the recipe outline from a Broma Bakery recipe but added my own twist to it. This dessert comes together in around half an hour — it's that easy!

1) I added eight teaspoons of melted butter and five teaspoons of powdered sugar to a bowl.

2) Then, I added about half a cup of all-purpose flour to this mixture to make a crumbly dough. If your dough has white streaks after about a minute of mixing, feel free to add up to three teaspoons more of melted butter.

3) I reserved a tablespoon of this mixture and added the rest of it to a small cake ring.

4) On top of the mixture, I added three tablespoons of melted jam.

5) Then, I sprinkled the rest of the crumble over the jam.

6) I baked it at 180 degrees Celsius for twenty-two minutes.

7) Make sure to cool the dessert for at least half an hour before serving!

That's all! I loved this so much that I had to physically stop myself from eating more. :P

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