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Oat Cake I Made "All By Myself"

Day 193 (10th March)

I love that I'm getting confident enough to play around with ingredients in the kitchen. This is what I wanted to do this challenge for — to get better and more confident about my skills. As we near 200 days of the challenge, I'm tearing up seeing my improvement!

I blended a bunch of oats, honey, yoghurt, baking soda, baking powder, oil, and vanilla essence to make this cake. I topped the cake with some cream and cinnamon + honey apples. I won't be sharing a detailed recipe because, honestly, this isn't worth your time, but I do feel good enough sharing a note about it because I made it entirely by myself. I just went into the kitchen and whizzed up some ingredients.

It was okay. My dad liked it, so that made me happy.

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