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Perfect Hash Browns = Minimal Effort + Deliciousness

Day 272 (28th May)

I made these hash browns for breakfast! Definitely one of my favourite breakfast recipes (link to the recipe by Natasha's Kitchen).

The recipe starts off with grating the potatoes and squeezing them — I can't say I've tried that before, but it did help the hash browns crisp up more than usual. To the grated potatoes, I added garlic powder and onion powder. Then, I just cooked it like a pancake (salting and peppering both sides).

Honestly, this is a zero-effort breakfast that tastes like a million bucks. If you've been searching for a perfect breakfast recipe, here it is. I've done the work for you.

Also, I'm trying out hashtags because these are hash browns.

#perfecthashbrowns #yum #breakfast #ketchup #kiwi #apple #applewithpeel #ifyoudonthaveapplewiththepeelIdontlikeyou #bye

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