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Pie In A Cookie

Day 268 (24th May)

Okay, I concede — this was a bit of a failure. I tried making a Boston Pie cookie using this recipe, but the cookie was way too wet to be called a cookie.

I would've added more oat flour, but I was out of oats. So, I added all-purpose flour, which somehow made the cookie taste weird? At least I now know that mixing all-purpose flour and oat flour is NOT a good idea.

I did like my take on the fillings, though! I heated up curd with powdered sugar and a little bit of custard powder to make the "cream" part. For the chocolate bit, I used the leftover churro sauce from maybe a week ago. It was still good, don't come at me.

Maybe a 5/10. I'd try it again with more oat flour.

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