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"Piggy Baking"

Day 207 (24th March)

Hands down the cutest cookies I've ever made! My brother and I have had "piggy baking" on our bucket list for so long, and it felt so good to finally cross it off.

For how cute these cookies look, they are surprisingly low-effort. They're just snickerdoodles with icing. They tasted so, so yummy, though. This time I got it verified by my family AND my best friends, so beat that, past Akshara?

These cookies are also vegan — what's not to love about them?

This is the recipe. All the recipes on this blog look so cute — I'll have to make other animal-shaped cookies as well.

PS: Shoutout to my not-so-little helper, my very old, ancient, and antique-y(?) brother.

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