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Princess Tiana And Her Beignets

Updated: Jan 9

Beignets, also known as 'French doughnuts' are fried square-shaped pieces of dough covered in powdered sugar.

Whenever I think of beignets, as any other Disney-obsessed individual, I'm reminded of the delicious animated beignets in 'Princess and the Frog' — I can't tell you how many hours I've spent drooling over those sugary delights.

Using Binging with Babish's recipe, I made a quick yeasted dough. I always prefer using yeast in my doughs because it makes them so airy — the fermentation of the yeast causes the dough to puff up due to the formation of carbon dioxide. When you fry the beignets, the yeast leaves one last puff of air before it dies because of the high heat, which is why the insides of beignets have large 'air pockets,' making them melt-in-your-mouth good.

Here's a picture of the beignets :)

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