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Pulling Taffy Takes A Long Time

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Day 190 (7th March)

The recipe I used

My, oh my, did this take me a long time. I do not have a candy thermometer — something I've probably mentioned a thousand times already. Today, I attempted to make candy without a very necessary element — a candy thermometer.

I won't lie — because I didn't purchase a candy thermometer, it did take me two tries to get this right. I had to reheat the first mix when it didn't go as planned to make it thick enough to set and pull.

Caution: Remember to have proper rubber gloves before starting. I could find only torn ones, and it was a pain working with them.

A trick I learnt on the internet to help make the taffy warm enough to pull is to put it in an oven for about half a minute.

I wouldn't recommend making taffy without a candy thermometer just because of the amount of time and guesswork it takes, but I still believe it can be done (look how good my taffy looks, omg!).

Note: Make sure to keep these refrigerated at all times. They can melt. Not that I learnt that the hard way or anything.

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