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Refreshing Iced Tea

Day 218 (4th April)

Does anyone remember the game that went "lemon, lemon, ice, ice, lemon, lemon, tea, lemon, ice, lemon, tea, lemon, ice, tea"? Just me?

Anyway, the weather is changing. I feel like I'm boiling. On top of that, we have to go to school. And walk outside. SO HOT.

Anyway, to cool down from this very hot (did I mention this already?) weather, I decided to make iced tea. But with actual tea leaves. I'm a genius.

Iced tea from scratch tastes better. Change my mind.

Here is the recipe I used (watch all till you get to the iced tea mwahaha).

Also, I know the glass is a little dirty. Don't come for me. Look at your glasses instead!

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