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Day 76 (13/11): Royal Icing Cookies

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I'm not great at making cookies, but that is something I want to try to get better at. At some points, it feels more like art itself than baking, and art is... not my strong suit. Also, I don't have cookie cutters at home! I keep telling myself that I will get some to use for practice, but I never do.

So when I came across this video by Nino's Home that showed you how to make different cookie shapes without a cookie cutter, I thought it was the perfect timing to stop making excuses and finally start my cookie art journey.

However tempted I am to lie and say that making these was a breeze, I won't. These cookies took me an obnoxiously large amount of time to make and decorate. But the good news is that I enjoyed every singly part of it!

Even though the cookies look FAR from perfect, but I'm still proud of myself for making them.

Here are the pictures of the cookies!

See you tomorrow for some emoji cookies. :o

Edited because I noticed a glaring grammatical error!

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