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Scones 4 School

Day 322 (17th July)

I made these scones at night. So, technically, I crossed over to the 18th. Since I am the boss of this blog, I excuse myself. Backstory: I was baking till 2 AM. I had a good reason, though. We had guests over.

Anyway, I made these scones for the Editorial Board at school! We had a mini party because it was our teacher's 20th school-joining (?) anniversary. Fun times.

I used the Preppy Kitchen chocolate chip scones recipe because I am in LOVE with it. I made two batches. I messed up the order of the ingredients in the first batch because I was sleepy.

I drizzled them with some Nutella and let them chill overnight.

10/10; would bake again.

Also, can you tell I took this picture in the car on the way to school? I hope not. Welp.

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