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Sergeant Peanut Butter

Day 229 (15th April)

Hehe, catchy title. But this post doesn't have anything to do with Brooklyn 99. Technically, though, Sergeant Peanut Butter could eat this "ice cream" because it's just cashews, milk, and peanut butter!

I've been exploring quite a bit of vegan recipes, and this 'nice cream' is always at the top of the list. The idea is to blend frozen nut milk cubes to give a creamy texture to a dessert.

I first made cashew milk using a mish-mash(?) of various recipes from the internet:

1) Soak one cup of cashews in water for two hours.

2) Wash them till the water runs clear.

3) Add the cashews to a blender.

4) Add two cups of water.

5) Blend till smooth.

6) Add one and a half more cups of water.

7) Enjoy!

I thought cashew milk would taste like poop, but, surprisingly, it tasted good!

I froze the nut milk cubes for eight hours. You have to wait until they are absolutely SOLID (believe me, I tried with half-frozen cubes, and unless you want a milkshake, that's not the way to go). Add one ice tray of nut milk cubes to the blender. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon and a half of cashew milk. Blend till you get ice cream!

I'm always the last one to appreciate non-fatty foods, but this tastes like a peanut butter ice cream.

You might like it! :)

Recipe inspiration!

Also, keep the ice cream in a plastic takeout container, so you can refreeze it IF (on the very slight off-chance) you don't want to finish the entire bowl.

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