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Steamed Paneer Momos

Day 186 (3rd March)

I love momos. Honestly, you can't call yourself a Delhite if you don't love momos. I'm not a Delhite, but I still love momos.

(Sometimes I wonder if I come across as just weird, but this is my sense of humour, y'all.)

I've been bugging myself to make momos. Yes, I have to bug myself to make stuff. Anyway, I finally decided to get up and make some momos! I quickly made a paneer momo stuffing and then started on the dough.

Being the impatient human that I am, I didn't let the dough rest for 30 minutes. I let it rest for only 5 minutes. Can you blame me? I wanted to eat momos. This is why the momos were a bit chewy.

The real question is: would I do this again? Yes.

This is the recipe I used. Highly recommend this site! For the chutney, I just used a chilli chutney from a package. Use anything you have at home. :)

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