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Take Two On One

Day 256 (12th May)

Oh my god, do we love to see a baking glow-up!

Churros were my FIRST post on this site. I was just a baby back then! So naive. I have gained wisdom now. I've turned from a grape to a raisin.

One year later, I recreated the churros. Okay, kind of. I used a different recipe, but I tried to make them better using my newly(?) acquired culinary techniques.

This is the recipe I followed. I highly recommend it! They have precise instructions, and the final product is crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside — just like you and me.

Anyway, I fried the churros and coated them in cinnamon sugar. For the chocolate dip, I used a mixture of a chocolate almond spread and water (I had the teeniest amount left, so I had to add water!). I simply microwaved the chocolate spread and water together (mixing every thirty seconds till you get the consistency you like).

If you don't appreciate these churros, you're not my friend anymore.

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