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Teh Tarik From My Hotel Room

Day 294 (19th June)

I'm in Aurangabad with my mom and dad! (Yes, no Adhyan, but he's vacationing with my cousins in Italy, so it's more than fair).

Since we're in a hotel, I have limited capabilities. But I did research beforehand so I could make this Teh Tarik. It's a "pulled" tea made with condensed milk, salt, water, and tea leaves (duh).

I did have to carry the condensed milk from home (Tupperware gang), but the rest of the ingredients were readily available. I'm sure you could just try to use some milk powder and loads of sugar to substitute the condensed milk.

This is the detailed recipe if you're interested.

(Also, yes, the view out of our room is so, so gorgeous. I'm so grateful to be on a trip like this!)

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