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The Cutest Cookies You'll Ever Make

Day 134 (10th January)

Edit: I stand corrected. These were supposed to be cakes! I'm not sure how I missed the video title...

Nino's Home is the most talented baker in town. His instructions are precise (guys, he uses grams!), and the result is always cute.

It took me a while to make these cookies; while the recipe is easy to follow, piping the cookies is a bit of a nightmare. Getting them to look perfect for baking was a task.

Tip: Dab your finger in water and use it to smooth the top of the cookie!

I spent around half an hour shaping them and then piping on the faces. These cookies take time, but they're worth it. I filled them with buttercream and used melted compound chocolate to pipe the eyes and mouth. Compound chocolate dries quite fast, so I'd recommend using tempered chocolate instead.

These tasted more like whoopie pies than cookies, but still a W in my book.

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