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The Secret Ingredient To Making Your Pancakes Fluffier

Day 244 (30th April)

This dorayaki was so SOFT. I halved this dorayaki recipe but added a massive spoonful of curd at the end. I used my Ash Baber knowledge™. According to him, adding curd to any pancake batter makes it fluffier (hypothesis proved).

I could make about three dorayaki with half of the batter. I did make a fourth as well, but that turned out to be a fail. Using ghee causes the pancake batter to stick to the pan? I have to test this further.

I filled these with whipped cream (+ sugar + vanilla extract) instead of custard — tastes just as good but takes lesser time!

Also, I'm in love with this photo! I styled it with my copy of the Uncensored (our school magazine!).

To end, I guess check out the Editorial Board Instagram?

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