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These Samosa Puff Pastry Rolls Are Just As Good As They Sound

Day 275 (31st May)

I have been SO excited to make these samosa puff pastry rolls — they've been on the top of my bake-next list for a while!

I used a recipe from rootedinspice's Instagram account. The recipe tells us to bake the rolls for only 20 minutes, but I found that the time provided was not enough. You want to bake the rolls till they are golden brown and flakey. For my oven, 35-40 minutes was the ideal time.

If you do not bake the samosa rolls till they are golden brown, they'll taste doughy. An easy fix is to just pop them back in the oven!

I served these rolls with imli (tamarind) chutney — pure heaven.

Ooh, also, I used one and a half potatoes instead of two. Not sure how relevant that is, but the samosa rolls were still fire.

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