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Day 84 (21/11): Tiramisu Cake

Man, was I excited to make this tiramisu cake! I've wanted to make some tiramisu for a while now — ever since I watched Alvin Zhou's 100-hour tiramisu video). I didn't have enough time to make the 100-hour tiramisu with exams and whatnot, so I decided to go for a simpler tiramisu cake by Emma's Goodies.

The recipe had alternating mascarpone-cream layers and cake layers. I baked the cake in a baking tray and cut out the layers using a pastry ring.

While making the cake, my meringue turned out to be a sad, deflated puddle because I got a tiny bit of yolk in it. Whenever I start to build my confidence with baking, it crumbles because of a small mistake. I guess this reminds me to not be too overconfident in my skills. I was trying to make a joke here to lighten the mood, but honestly, I'm just proud to be #selfaware (/s kind of?).

Moving on, I think I made a solid B+ tiramisu! My mom (certified tiramisu connoisseur) says the place to improve was soaking the cake in coffee. I only lightly brushed it, so the coffee taste wasn't as enunciated as in actual tiramisu. I agree — something to improve for next time. :)

I made this :o

See you tomorrow!

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