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Too Hot To Function

Updated: May 5, 2022

Day 245 (1st May)

Happy May! Yay?

It's been so hot these days — way too hot to function. To cool myself (physically and mentally), I made this delicious mango stuffed kulfi.

I followed a recipe by chef Kunal Kapur. Apparently, he was a judge on MasterChef India. Cool, cool, no big deal.

The hardest part in making this mango kulfi was taking out the huge seed. You have to make an incision and twist it out. I really thought I was squishing someone's insides. Not the best feeling in the world. But after that, it's smooth sailing. You just have to fill it in and wait for it to freeze.

I opened the freezer way too many times to check since the recipe didn't mention how long it would take for the mangoes to freeze. In case you're wondering, it was seven hours. Worth the wait, though.

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