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Warm Waffles Make Me Feel Cozy Inside

If you're having a bad day, my number one tip is to get up and eat a filling breakfast that makes you feel warm inside. Enjoy it while watching an episode (or five) of your favourite TV show, and the Shukla guarantee* is that you'll feel 10% better than when you started.

I pushed myself to get out of bed and make waffles today, and I am so glad I did! I made about ten waffles — don't worry, I froze half of them — using the Preppy Kitchen waffle recipe. I baked them for five minutes at 180 degrees C to get them even crispier, topped them with whipped cream and cookie butter, and scarfed them down faster than you could say "waffles."

I loved the way the waffles tasted, but I definitely have to look into ways of making them crispier without the oven — maybe using the toaster/air fryer so it's less time-consuming?

That's about it :) See you!

*Legal Disclaimer: The Shukla guarantee is in no way copied from the Winger guarantee. Like, what even is that?

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