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Without The Magic Of C12H22011

Day 247 (3rd May)

I need to get better at making characters — especially bears. I've made bears SO many times. Still, unless I look at a reference photo first, I can't make them. I'm so artistically uninclined that it's not even funny at this point.

Seriously, though, I'm not even kidding. I remember giving an aptitude test once and scoring well in everything except the spatial-arty part. I bombed that thing so bad.

Moving on, these date balls were actual heaven. They're so healthy, but also they taste good? I thought it had to be a scam at first since they don't contain sugar, but it wasn't. Pleasantly surprised. :D

All you do is shape some balls after grinding almonds, dates, a splash of water, and cinnamon together. You could coat them with some dark chocolate as well.

They really do taste like one of those healthy "strength" bars you get in the store. Yum.

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